Got My First Peugeot!

Tom’s Done With Mopeds

So my buddy Tom had a nasty crash and got himself a concussion a while back. He decided that he wanted to play it safe moving forward and get out of mopeds. I totally get it, just like me he’s a dad and for his kid’s sake he’s concerned about not getting randomly reduced to hamburger. It’s probably something I should think of, but I just can’t, I love the feeling of riding on two wheeled vehicles too much.

So he had a few peds he was selling. A pretty nice minty stock Mobylette 50v, a Peugeot 102 that he’d just finished restoring and a Peugeot 103 that was mid restoration. I’ve always kind of wanted a Peugeot I think they’re pretty awesome peds. So he thought of me and asked if I wanted first dibs on it and I told him fo sho!

So Here’s what I got….

Peugeot Parts


Lot’s of assembly required, I want to keep it mostly stock to begin with. I’m just taking my time greasing this, and cleaning that as I go through everything.

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