MoPed MoPussy T-shirts

I am doing another run of shirts. These ones are MoPed MoPussy shirts, Shirts are Gilden. They are all pre-order, so once the sale ends they will be made and shipped. The last shirts took about 1.5 mo. from beginning of sale to shipment of shirts. Again, the shirts will be made and shipped after the sale ends. These are pre-order only. “You Snooze, You Loose”

 If you want a shirt please order one. I WILL NOT BE MAKING EXTRAS.


Shipped to me. $15.00 USD Ill Pick it up 🙂 $12.00 USD I live in another Country $20.00 USD
Men’s Small Men’s Medium Men’s Large Men’s Extra Large Women’s Small Women’s Medium Women’s Large

Note: If you want multiples you can edit quantities in your shipping cart. If you are shipping them, you  can combine shipping by adding 1 shipped t-shirt and the rest as pick up. Making all purchases in single orders will help me assure correct shipment. Thank you.

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