Author: Maize

V1 and Puch Bells

I got 5 bells done! 3 Puch E50s and 2 Minarelli V1 bells with puch gears. The Minarelli bell is much smaller and stronger than a Puch bell. This way you can run a KTM or a V1 Hammer clutch in a Puch engine. It will be lighter and have less rotating mass. Spool it up fast!

Garelli VIP is Rippin

The VIP I picked up a week ago is rippin. I had to change the gas, and oil, fill tires, make a new seat, lube throttle cable, fix intake, and tighten all of the nuts and bolts. Every single one was loose.  Now its ridding very well and goes 32 mph. Its a smooth 2 speed and is very comfortable. 

Garelli VIP Seat Cover

Finished the seat for the Garelli VIP. I used Nicole’s sewing machine from the Casserollers. It worked perfectly. Sew it inside out and flip it around. I used a hair dryer to warm the pleather and make it stretchy to fit over the seat easier.  I used the stock seat cover tabs to attach the new one. 

Picked up 2 Garellis

I picked up a VIP and  Super Sport. Both in decent condition.  I started work on the VIP and got it running well. It takes off with the 2 speed and brings me all the way up to 31 mph. I am re upholstering the seat right now and will clean up the rest of the bike soon.  I got…


2 shirts for sale. You know the drill. Pre order. Ill make them and ship them in about a month. This time I have 2 shirts for sale.  BLK BLK NORTH and BLK BLK BLK WHAT DO YOU THINK? BLK BLK BLACK SHIRT Shipped? Shipped $15.46 USD Pick up $12.46 USD Size Woman S Woman M Woman L Men S…