Some ringland porting

My good friend and fellow casseroller jimbo (moped taco) called me up and wanted to do some ringland porting aka lateral gas porting, I figured i might as well go ahead and do the parmakit piston as long as i was getting everything out for doing it tomorrow night. This is the result. If you don’t know about it find the thread on ma about it. There is some great advice from local snowmobile racing legend and rollerskating master, known as bigblockfiero on the forums. Heres a pic of my shabby results. I did it freehand, so it turned out alright, but the bit walked slightly and the half round holes on a few didn’t come out flawless. Whatever, it should work. Ill get some action shots tomorrow when jimbo and I do some moooooaaaaaaar. Alrighty thats all for now!

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