progress… and a new toy

So I test fitted the crank and piston with the kit and the cases finally today, still need to order bearings and seals. But with centering the crank just by hand and checking the piston at tdc and bdc things are looking pretty sweet. Here’s some photos:

As you can see, not perfect… but very close. I have been told that the parmakit is like this on mobys as well. I have never ran one on a moby, thats just what I’ve heard. I will probably still be doing an aluminum spacer, as I feel pretty uneasy about just stacking base gaskets that thick.

So with my mind at ease about not having to deck this thing like crazy just to make it work, it will go quickly from here. I forgot photos but I also finished case matching the transfers, so those are all good now. I also grabbed one of those threaded exhaust nut things from my friend Nick, and I am essentially going to make a spring mount ball joint style exhaust, minus the ball joint. I think it is probably the most practical way to make a motobecane pipe from a standard style mounting pipe. So expect to see that soon as well.

Oh and I got something else that should prove to be fun:

I have been following mars in his programmable curve cdi adventures, and checking out what some other people have been up to, and I really want in on the action. It’s definitely some cutting edge moped stuff… albeit way over my head. I really may just use that as an excuse to make some other cool shit with this thing. Maybe some fun music related stuff. But on sale for $15 at microcenter today, I literally could not walk out of there without one.

Well thats about it for tonight, I decided that I will try and end every blog post from now on with a random photo from my library that I really like, so here it is, my beautiful lady and fellow casseroller putting a new intake and carb on her cl70. This was a while ago, before she put the 125 on it. Enjoy:

This was in our first apartment together. We had no garage, so this was in our bedroom, and yes that is carpet. And yes we had two mopeds in the living room… and no we did not get our deposit back.

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