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What Is Just The Tip?

Just The Tip is a 200 mile round-trip endurance moped ride/mini-rally hosted by The Summerai, Green Bay’s premier moped gang. We ride North from Green Bay, up one throbbing side of the beautiful Door Peninsula (Wisconsin’s phallus), all the way to the very sensitive Tip where we get all wet, and then we cuddle back down the other side the following day. Along the way we take several swims in the crisp waters of Lake Michigan, eat tasty foods, pitch tents, crack open cheap beer and have a bonfire under the clear, starry skies of Door County and partake in all sorts of crazy hijinks. Like dead fish fights.

Should You Go?

Are you a fun-lovin’, free-wheelin’, easy-goin’, non-stressin’ son of a gun with a love of the wide open road? Just The Tip 3 will take patience, make no mistake about it. It will push you to your limits at times. You may develop anal hemorrhaging, you absolutely will not shower, you will poop in the woods, you will be starving at times, you may wake up and vomit in the woods. During JTT1 Christine killed a deer. With her moped. Which brings us to the next point: THIS TRIP WILL TEST YOUR BIKE. If you plan on coming then take some time to make sure your bike is in tip-top shape. We cannot stress this enough! This is not your typical moped rally where you spend maybe 35% of your time riding. This is an adventure. 200 MILES of adventure. We will spend 85% of our time ON OUR BIKES. Also, please bring a bike that is capable of 35mph. That is our average speed and it sucks to wait for people on such a long ride. Oh, and be prepared to carry your belongings on your bike.

Scared? Then scram! The rest of you strap on some gords and come with us. For good or bad you’ll never forget it.



Jimbo and Maize are going for realz!

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