"You’re doing it wrong!"

Hey folks, it’s been a while since I posted last, I’m new at this and occasionally forget that I started this thing. And the holidays were alot going on. But I did get a milwaukee angle grinder, and a propane torch! I love getting tools as gifts so that was cool. Anyways, big news is that I split cases, drilled intake, and drilled my carburetor to match. bad news is that my phone died in the garage and didn’t get a pic of the beautiful dremel work that I did on the intake. Oh well, I still have pictures of everything else.  Believe it or not, this is the stock intake on the kinetic engine. Pretty big compared to the stock vespa I would say, but it could go bigger. I drilled 18mm in with a 1/2 inch drill bit, as per the wiki on MA, then smoothed out and widened the intake to about 2mm to the edge of the window. The cool part about the kinetic cases (maybe vespa too, I’m not sure) is that there is alot of material around the spigot mount part of the intake and the wall of the case, which meant alot of ramping from the spigot into the windows, so everything is as smooth as can be. I also got rid of the square corners to reduce eddy currents and to make the fuel move as fast as possible through the window. I did not cut my crank as of yet, but that will be the next step in the process. On to the carb:

  This is after drilling through with that same 1/2 inch drill bit to match the intake. So I borrowed a drill press for the cases, and decided to forget my carb when I went. Oops, so with my drill at home only having a 3/8 inch chuck, I had to improvise. This was the result:

I know “You’re doing it wrong” ha ha. vice grips, bench vise and some downward pressure let me drill straight and true with little to no issues. I think it looks damn good myself. The best part about spaco carbs (the knockoff dellortos that come on kinetics) besides having a mixture screw, as opposed to dellorto sha NOT having one, is the atomizer.

As you can see in the picture, the atomizer tube does not go all the way up. If you have ever tried to remove this type of atomizer from a real dellorto, it is a bitch to do. Check it out in the wiki on MA if you don’t know what I’m talking about. It involves heating up the carb and using a watchmakers screwdriver to push it out while its still hot and expanded. These ones are easy peasy, just a flathead on top and some force and it pops right out. Super cool design. So after reassembly and some rejetting, I’m hitting a strong 37 mph with awesome low end. This thing just keeps getting faster and faster. The next step after cutting the crank, will be to get this:

 Thats the athena 50cc kit with outrageous transfers. It should be a pretty rocking kit, and I’m pretty set on seeing how far I can take this bike with just 50cc’s of raw power. I may end up getting an aftermarket crank to keep up with the rpms without exploding. I’m still not sure how much I trust those metallurgists in india. Well thats all for now, I’ll leave you with a picture of my intramotor gloria blanco. V1 with 75cc polini kit, ev racing exhaust, 19mm carb. Rips hard all day with more low end power than almost everyone else I ride with.

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