If you’re into moped you’ve most likely seen some of JBOT’s insane moped inventions. He also plays in a robot band (Captured By Robots), they were in town this last Wednesday so a bunch of us went down to see him.


We had a nice fall ride last night and ended up at Tony Jaros for some greenies. Lots more pics from last night too…      

Tyler's Race Bike

In an effort to start to get content flowing through this site again, we’re going to start doing a photo of the week taken on or around our weekly rides/meetups.

Black za50

Gave my za50 a nice coat of black engine enamel. I have to say it looks like darth vaders fist, I love it. The post Dark Heart appeared first on Marty’s Garage.


I got 5 bells done! 3 Puch E50s and 2 Minarelli V1 bells with puch gears. The Minarelli bell is much smaller and stronger than a Puch bell. This way you can run a KTM or a V1 Hammer clutch in a Puch engine. It will be lighter and have less rotating mass. Spool it   Read More …